ajeetbabu why tf is it so hot in your room?

My parents sleep on the first floor of the house and don’t want the AC on on the second floor because it’s wasting electricity if only one person is using it. Iono.

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heart of the game

but real talk, if kevin garnett stopped you in an alleyway and demanded your wallet and valuables, would you not shit your pants and collapse into a puddle of your own bodily fluids?


The Lotus Mahal, Vijayanagara 1885
Photograph of the Lotus Mahal at Vijayanagara, from the Archaeological Survey of India Collections taken by an unknown photographer around 1880. Vijayanagara, the City of Victory, was the most powerful Hindu kingdom in Southern India from 1336 until the defeat by the Muslim armies in 1565. 
(via British Library)

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